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Our agency has the ability to write insurance in Montana, California and coming soon North Dakota. 

7-31-2012 Montana

Whats new - doj.mt.gov/driving

Montana Insurance Verification System (MTIVS)

If you have minimum liability insurance on your vehicle, keep it. If you dont, get it. Why? Its the law. And now we can verify it. Online. In real time. Everytime. The HighwayPatrol can now confirm insurance status during a traffic or accident investigation and, starting August 1, law enforcement statewide will have access to the same information. By 2013. MVD and county treasurers wil be able to verify insurance status during vehicle titling and registration transactions. Online. In real time. Everytime.....(Source Registration renewal form)

So with that said....dont get caught without auto liability insurance....call today for a quote.